Integrity vs Gain

In my previous post i have defined the most elevated emotions such as love, faith, kindness, today’s post will be dedicated to Integrity, as a base of our evolution.

During my adult life i have been in many situations where i needed to choose between keeping my integrity or gaining a benefit. These types of situations occur as a test for all humankind in different forms, some more appealing than others as a base for our consciousness evolution. The Spirit is already in a perfect form, in a divine harmony with All That Is as it is part of God and requires no additional improvements.

David Hawkins in one of his books teaches about the manifest and non-manifest plans. As the Spirit exist in the non-manifest plan, the life itself manifests in a dimensional experience where the physical incarnations of the spirit can experience the existence form.

From all the positive emotions i have experienced during the present life, Integrity i consider to be the base of it all. As we all live our lives under different levels of consciousness (i will define the levels in a future post) the integrity towards ourselves and towards the others define the quality of life itself.
When we find ourselves in situations of choosing to gain a benefit by loosing our integrity with actions like lying, deceiving or choosing falsehood and fraud towards honesty we can consider from the start that situation a lost. Lack of integrity towards each of the plans we activate: personal, professional or spiritual will lead to a decrease in our consciousness level which will take us to a path with no light.

By free will choosing to keep our integrity under any circumstances, under any pressure and situation we develop and invest in our self esteem, we understand the plan of laws and stay open to God’s wonderful miracles that come out of love for the truth and honesty from within.

Divine light to surround you and God’s love to guide each of your steps.
With love,

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