Transcending Karma 

The meaning of Karma in a very simple definition i might say is the result of our actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions which determine the quality of this life and future existences. This definition is based on the cause and effect principle, which i do mostly agree with up until a point at least.

This means that all our past experiences, all our thoughts and actions have a higher impact that the particular moment when it occurred. What we do in one life will impact the next one. What we do and what happens to us as a reaction of our actions remains imprinted within our souls for eternity. Hinduism goes a bit further and implies that not only our own actions, but our parents and ancestors ones impact our existence as well.

For the western culture better understanding – i consider Karma as a Storage of Information. A server where all the information related to our body, our soul, our energy field and existences is kept under different software programs. The software we choose to install, it gives the result of the delivery products itself. Under the free will we can choose to install any program we wish: from violent video games to software to be of good use for entire humanity. The line codes, the functions and the procedures of each software are our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings that lead to our actions and experiences. With each positive though we re-write the line code of a software and transcede the negative programs.

Each one of us can initiate each day completely new software dedicated to the good development of our own soul which by default implies the development of the entire mankind. Our development will impact not only our souls existence and progress, but our children and our children’s children in an elevated way. Based on our choice we define our future. We are and always have been in charge of the quality of our lives through the choices we make each moment. Each thought has an enormous power. Let’s choose to be good :).

With love,

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