Chakras – The Powerhouse of the Energy Centers

Understanding our life’s energy centers is the first step to a balance and healthy physical and spiritual life.

The Chakras are wheels of spinning energy with a circular shape form which exist throughout our energetic / etheric body. There are 7 main Chakras and 21 minor Chakras grouped under different types. The main Chakras are located along the spine and connect the energetic to the physical body.

Each Chakra is associated with a certain organ and has specific qualities corresponding to our psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

If the Chakras are opened and aligned, the energy of life called Prana can freely flow by keeping our physical and etheric bodies balanced, healthy and alive. If the powerhouse of the energy centers is unbalanced or blocked  due to various emotional and physical problems, including stress, the vital energy of life cannot flow. The block of the energetic centers  will lead to various difficulties, discomfort or illnesses towards our physical health, personal relationships, spiritual plan and mental level.

Each center has its own function in creating an alignment, harmony and balance between our physical, emotional and spiritual levels. You can find briefly explained each Chakra role and functionality below:

1. Root Chakra
– Name: Muladhara
– Color: Red
– Location: Base of your spine
– Organs associated: intestines, colon, supra renal glands, legs & bones.
Description: Muladhara is the first Chakra and the one closest to the ground. Its functions are related to the survival of the physical body, control  and fight mechanism. If opened and aligned gives the feeling of security, stability and comfort. If unbalanced gives the feeling of nervousness, fear, grief and also you might feel as being a victim of certain circumstances in your life.

2. Sacral Chakra
– Name: Swadhishtanal
– Color: Orange
– Location: Between the base of your spine and your navel
– Organs associated: kidneys, lower abdomen and reproductive organs.
Description: Its function relates to the emotions and building any types of relationship. If opened and aligned gives the feeling of pleasure, well-being and empathy, desire and creativity. If unbalanced gives the feeling of lost, guilt, over emotional and addictive.

3. Plexus Chakra
– Name: Manipura
– Color: Yellow
– Location: Few inches above the naval in the solar plexus area
– Organs associated: Stomach & the Digestive System, Pancreas, Liver and the body muscles
Description: Its functions concern the individual self esteem and the feeling of personal power. It is also related to the emotions of joy, if opened and aligned, power of achievement and satisfaction. If unbalanced gives the feeling of doing something at all time, unhappiness with our self and the surrounding,  can also give anger frustration and aggressive.
4. Heart Chakra
– Name: Anahata
– Color: Green
– Location: Hearth Center
– Organs associated: Hearth, Lungs and Circulatory System, Arms and hands
Description:  Anahata is the center of spiritual growth. It relates to love and compassion towards all plans of existence. If opened and balanced gives the feeling of harmony, affection, unconditional love and peace. If unbalanced gives the feeling of not being able to integrate, emotionally or sexually attached to outside environment and individuals, lack of compassion or lack of basic principles and guidelines in life.

5. Throat Chakra
– Name: Vishuddha
– Color: Turqoise
– Location: Throat
– Organs: Throat, Digestive track, Respiratory track, Thyroid Gland, Neck & Shoulders
Description: Its functions concern the communication, relates to the talking and self expression. If opened and balanced we can easily express ourselves in any area we activate as artists, speakers or creators. We and able to connect and relate with other effortless, we use the sense of diplomacy and creative thought to express ourselves. If unbalanced gives the feeling of dishonesty and lack of truth in communication and speech, feeling of judgmental and lack of integrity, introvert or over speaker, unable to express himself or to listen to others.

6. Third Eye Chakra
– Name: Ajna
– Color: Indigo
– Location: Center of your forehead
– Organs: Pituitary Gland, Eyes Nose and Ears,
Description: The opening of the Third Eye will lead to spiritual awakening. Its functions concern the perception of life itself, wisdom, imagination and intuition. If opened and balanced you have a good intuition and spiritual vision. If unbalanced leads to depression, lack of spiritual direction, disillusion, focused to much on intellectual and scientific over spiritual path.

7. Crown Chakra
– Name: Sahasrara
– Color: Violet
– Location: At the top of your head
Description: It represents the highest state of consciousness, the direct connection to God and it relates with wisdom, understanding, love and bliss. If opened and balanced gives full awareness over the Divine Wisdom. If unbalanced you can develop psychological illness, no spiritual path, rigid thinking and lost of any connection with the Divine Intelligence of Love and Grace.

Any disease in our physical body is a result of an unbalance in the energy flow. How to align the Chakras and how to explore the main causes of unbalance in our lives will go through in a future post.

Wishing the teachings to feed your mind and soul and God to enlight your path for the truth to be revealed … as Jesus said: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free… John 8:32” “I am the way and the truth and the light…. John 14:6″…. 

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