Time is Now – Bless and Bliss

A wise women told me once: ‘Now is all we have… tomorrow is not ours’.
Repetitive memories and feelings from our past, regrets and guilt combined with unhappiness and unsatisfactory towards our present life mixed  with a wish list of unlimited desires of a far away future is what most of human kind focus their thoughts on. There is no now as the present moment is completely missed while feeling sorry for the past and wishing for an imaginary future.

If our thoughts are same day after day after day the result of our lives will be according to what we think at. Those who regret their past and  those who live only to think of the future  both they missed the very Now.  There is nothing in the past and nothing into the future to think of. All we have is this moment…. and this moment past already.

How to address ourselves to the past memories and experiences? Maybe we could try: ‘I’ve done what i have considered the best at that moment’ and let the past be. Everything we have lived think and experienced is registered in the universe fields already. Nothing can be changed… learn your lessons and close the file.

How to address ourselves to the future? Ask yourself what do you want to achieve? What is the path you want to walk? What mountain do you want to climb? What lesson to take… what teachings to make… Be completely honest and transparent with yourself. Once you have your answers pray! Pray with love and gratitude for God to enlighten your way and then… have faith.
How to address the present? Wake up each morning wishing to be the best version of yourself. Make time each morning and watch the sky. Take time and listen to your children’s laughing. Don bother about those e-mails. Don care what others will think if you’ll be late with your reports or deliveries. All those are illusions in the play we’re all acting.
Notice the miracles happening around you, enjoy the fresh breath going into your lungs and watch the sky again! Meditate and pray as everything we live in is the infinite kindness of God….. use all your senses to enjoy anything it is that you’re doing.
Living in the present moment by being fully present, enjoying and making the most of it will lead to wonderful memories of the past and will be the foundation of an enlighten the path of the future.
Release the past, detach of the future … be grateful for the miracle of now.

With love,

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