What thoughts is your mind cultivating?

Have you ever asked yourself what the thoughts really are? Where are their coming from? Have you ever tried to observe your thoughts to follow your mind and discover where is it taking you? What are you thinking of during a day? And what about next day or a full week? Do you feel fulfilled, in power of your mind, do you feel you have control over your thoughts? We are all responsible for the quality of the thoughts we are cultivating in our mind, as the thought itself is the creator of our own existence. But to be capable of being greater than our mind, to overcome the force of our Ego and to release ourself of the negative thinking we need help from a supreme force greater than us, our Creator – God.

Science  teach us that our mind is split into two parts: our conscious mind or what we know we believe and our subconscious  mind –  what we don’t know we believe, the part of the mind that stores all the information we have ever had access at, as all the memories and experiences are remembered. Both parts together define the quality of our life.

The way you can consciously increase your vibration and align your mind with the frequency of the most elevated thoughts is by deliberately and willfully apply in your daily life the highest virtues: integrity, honor, dignity, generosity, gratitude, serving others, devotion, patience, excellence, trust and forgiveness and offcourse guide upon by feeling it, experiencing it, observing and recognize it in others until it becomes part of who you are, an expression of you as a person.

The subconscious mind stores the leftovers of negative choices, all the experiences, other people advises, tragedies and drama that had impacted us deeply and that block us from living the lives each of us dream of. To be able to access our subconscious mind and perform changes or release believes systems, scientists declare that we need to reduce our brain frequency by get it into Theta, Alpha or Delta (i will describe the frequencies of the brain in a future post). We can use different teachings and techniques to do this, each of us according to its own believes system, I personally use prayer into deep meditation stage under Theta frequency.

In order to see changes in your life you need to ensure that your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions are all align and follow the highest teachings of Love and Truth. Anytime you are in question of your decisions, confused or lost, look inside of you and pray to the Divine entity you are in contact with…. the answer is waiting.

Regardless of the options you take in your path, i wish you to find the most elevated ways to connect to the Divine and always catch the frequency that will reveal the most creative and inspiring thoughts in the Universe.

With love,

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