The Path to Healthy Relationships

Have you ever asked how the relationships you’re into influence your personal life? How the relationship you have with your family, with your spouse and parents, the professional ones or your friendships and social connections impact your physical and mental health?

A study has been performed by an American University over the impact social connection has over a person and 2 conclusions have been taken:

  1. People connected with their family and friends live longer. However, not the number of our friends but the quality of the relationships we have developed and invested in, the satisfaction we have by being in those relationships, the reliability on each other  keep us healthier and happier on the long term.
  2. Loneliness is toxic for our health. Not being entrusted with your family, not being able to count on their support, or to integrate in your community will lead to a less healthier life as the brain function decline sooner.

As this are facts already, the message is clear: close relationship are good for our overall health and well being. But for being able to invest in the relationship with others, trusting our friends, fully rely and count on their support, in order for any of us to see improvements in our relationship with the world we need to start from within, with improving ourselves.  We literally need to change ourselves into better persons so we can see the good in others, basically we need to change the frequency of our vibration.

We can do that by starting with an inner introspection in the most honest and transparent way, by  questioning our belief system, reviewing our faults and weaknesses and work each day with dedication and determined intention to overcome it, to improve it or replace it with the highest teachings and virtues.

As a result, everything that we cultivate within ourselves will be seen in everyone around us, in the world itself as all the people we have crossed path with, our families, our dearest ones are a mirror of our own vision of the life itself.

With Love,

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