Transform Failure into Healing Power

The wisest people on the planet are sharing the same teachings towards failure  – to take as much from our losses as we take from our victories.

Took me so long to understand and to accept that my losses are small, insignificant parts of a much greater Self and exist to teach me a lesson, failure is just a flash light pointing at me that I have taken the wrong path, that something needs to change … that I need to surrender.

We are not defined by a moment, by a mistake or by a fault as our Soul existence is much greater,  much bigger than any life experience, actually it is grater that life itself as we know it on this planet . Once we understand this, once we are able to feel it with all our senses, we know that no life experience, good or bad could crush or break us down. We will not allow ourselves to be crumbled, demolished or pulled down by any circumstances, in fact we will take that failure, that mistake, that loss and turn it into a lesson.

No matter how wrong you have messed up something in your life, you have the eternity to make it right again… to heal. You are here to experience human life in the greatest form, and the mourning of a failure, the regrets and guild of a mistake or the shame of an action are not the lessons to be learned, but the acceptance of our mind imperfection and understanding of our human nature so… be gentle to yourself!

No matter how much others have failed you, regardless of your lost, clean your mind of the all low vibration feelings and be still, detached of the situation your into, learn the lesson and … forgive.

I wish that all this life experiences to bring you joy and happiness, wisdom and providence, the time spent on Earth to heal all your wounds and to teach your Soul the greatest feeling of all…. Love.

With Love,





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