Letting Go – 3 Steps for a Better Today

Letting Go of Expectations

All that we condemn in others are only expressions of the human nature. Any disappointment comes as a result of our expectation towards others, if there is no expectation, there is no disappointment. However, everything that we are building up to ourselves by letting go to any thoughts that condemn others, any revengeful or judgmental feelings, any desire of proving others wrong is going to come back to ourselves by the feeling of love, compassion and understanding. We begin then to see others for whom they are and not a projection of whom we want them to be, we find ourselves capable of understanding and forgiving the faults and failures of others towards us,  as everything that we used to condemn in others it shows up as a simple innocence.

Letting Go of Ego

Ego is characterized by constantly seeking for gain, control and possession.  In the minute we have added mine along to anything, including a person, the mind completely changes the perception over that particular person or object. As David Hawkins says nothing belongs to us, everything belongs to God and we only have temporary custody over anything, including the body, mind and thought itself. When we stop claiming and referring at anything as mine, me, I, the Ego is loosing its power and we can freely and fully surrender everything with devotion to the Divinity.

Letting Go of Fears

Once observing the energy of fear running through the body the realization is that there are different sources that fear begins and connects with such as:  guilt, shame, anger, pride. The spiritual masters teachings for releasing the emotion and feeling of fear, for overcome and subjugate it, are to  get under any fear, by following a patter of questions that will led to the worst thing that could ever happen, and repetitive asking and after that what would happen, and after that?… By following this pattern  the base of any fear its revealed… the fear of death, the fear of non existence itself. During the entire exercise each fear needs to be surrender to the Divinity.

“Even through i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me” …. Psalm 23

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