What Is Meditation?

I have received lately many questions on what meditation really is? How do I meditate and why? For what do i use it and when…. etc.

To clarify from the very beginning – i do not follow any religion path while meditating and praying – as God for me is not closed in one single religion, but embrace it all. God is The Creator of All That is, exist in everything surrounding me and by meditating i connect to the universal consciousness of God within me.

To answer the question of what is the classic meditation for me. I would describe it as a simple process of paying attention to the mind, stop fighting with it, watching the thoughts from where are they coming from and how they dissolve by not feeding them. It is also a continuous learning on how to focus and concentrate on a particular subject for a period of time. Meditation its a pure training of the mind through a state of contemplation which is transforming the mind by achieving mentally and emotionally calm and quiet state. Longer you use meditations, it will become clearer that is nothing more than  a practice to silence the mind for the Presence of God to be reveled within you.

Meditation involves discipline and determination, perseverance and power to overcome your comfort zone, by dedicating time and energy to a higher purpose that what your mind is up to on a daily use. The way of retreating in a isolated place, such as a room or in the nature and contemplate for an extended period of time on a particular topic, is allowing the mind to relax, settle with a result of everything getting more clearer and peaceful.

However, living in a fast forward environment, with commitments and dead lines, with full time jobs and busy schedules doesn’t always allow us to practice meditation in laboratory conditions. For these moments, we should keep in mind that meditation is awareness more than anything else. You do not need isolated rooms to practice meditation, as everything surrounding you is the presence of God. Take a break from overthinking and be present, be aware, be here now. Wherever you are driving your car on a high way or drinking you coffee on your balcony, be present, feel the air on your face, hear the birds singing all around you, watch the sky and feel the light surrounding you, it is an amazing privilege to be here, now … be grateful, be thankful, be alive.

The benefits of the meditation – has been proven to reduce depression and anxiety, increase empathy, and boost creativity. It is an amazing technique to use to improve your emotional intelligence and help heal your wounds, to improve your attention and focus and obtain a grater self control. As meditation goes hand in hand with your thoughts, through meditation basically you will be cleaning your negative thinking, by finding the roots of the past wounds and heal it through prayer. Meditation will also help replacing the negative thoughts with positive and constructive ones  (personally, I combine meditation with prayer, with a clear purpose of developing some of the highest virtues: humility, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, temperance, acceptance, kindness, honor, compassion,  peace, LOVE and the list can go on an on).

Like any worthwhile endeavor, meditation takes practice, but remember, everything in life can be achieved with discipline and dedication – so whatever your goal might be start by knowing yourself better, invest in your soul and you will gather the results without a question!

God bless…


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