Removing the Obstacles – Conflicts

Conflict – fight, battle, struggle, clash / disagreement – psychiatry –  a mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses. – Wikipedia

Every day we are being challenged with internal or external type of conflicts, which often might be unconscious, in the sense that we cannot clearly identify the source of our distress. The result is visible in the relationship we have with ourselves or the ones we build with individuals around us: family, peers or work colleagues.

All the conflicts manifested in our lives come as a result of hidden emotions, spiritual blockages, mental confusion and most important a deep negation of our true self and our connection with God.

The emotional conflicts are difficulties encountered when we feel overwhelmed, exhausted or discouraged and the most widespread reactions are in form of denial, suffering or despair. 

The relationship conflicts arises from different moral values, opposite views on basic understanding of what is naturally right or wrong which lead to the main subject of interest to become a dispute.

The spiritual conflict come as a deep struggle from within, by permanently  looking, asking, wondering without being capable of finding peace “We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become” D. Hawkins. 

The base of resolving the emotional conflicts should start with an inner reflection and introspection to enhances self-awareness. The set of our belief systems related to inner power, highest morals and virtues, happiness and success etc, should be analyzed and disclosed. If the core set of our belief systems is based on negative and pessimistic concepts and perceptions, those beliefs will continue to run out of conscious awareness and manifest in our life through more conflicts and unfavorable situations. 

Also, worth to be mentioned that an important set of our emotional patterns are formed early in childhood which manifest into adulthood as wounds or trauma, that continue to be carried throughout life. In order to be able to change the outcome of our daily life situations we basically need to release the past wounds by accepting, forgiving and surrendering it to God.

What makes relationship work effortlessly ? How can we better understand each other when we own different moral values and mind sets, different wish list and purposes?

If we give up the egotistical pleasure of being right at all time or of wining each argument by becoming more flexible with every relationship we own in our lives we will be able to find joy in alignment with others. By changing our intentions, the priority of the relationship itself will change from a win loose situation to a win – win one. Align with one another and the conflict will dissolve.

The deep struggle that comes as a spiritual conflict is nothing else than loss of connection with pure consciousness of the Divine. We wander through Earth without a purpose as we have forgotten the main reason we exist in the first place. We are are so deep in playing a role in this play that we have started to identify ourselves with the character itself. We, each one of us desperately need to find the road back to God, back home, in the most profound possible way. There are thousand of techniques, practices, religions that are pointing out the path, however God is not to be found in any of those – but inside your heart. Close your eyes and look for the peace inside you, you will then remember the truth.

God bless!



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