Believe in Angels…

Last summer, after a critical period when i have hopelessly destroyed my well being out of so much stress, expectations, unaccepted experiences and events and continuous negative assumptions, I was nothing more than a shadow, wandering around without a purpose, direction or path. One afternoon, i reached out in front of my home from work, stressed and upset as in every other day, when out of nowhere i realized that is summer end. I had no clue when the spring has ended and when summer begin as i was so deep into my thoughts every moment, wishing for more achievements in my career, more properties, more money… more and more things. Physically i was affected by a stomach reflux so bad that basically my diet was eating mostly nothing – even a small piece of bread was to much to take. Mentally i was not able to discard the large list of clashes and struggles while spiritually i was long lost.

That evening i decided to pull myself out of the life i was living and make a change. Next day i was on a holiday bus, far from all toxic people, away from work, city life and technology going in an isolated mountain somewhere in Transylvania with a clear intention of cleaning my mind.

Everyday for an entire week, I took myself up on the highest mountain, where i spent the day in open nature, paying close attention at my thoughts and what chaotic stories i have created inside my mind. With each day passing, it had became clearer that i was incapable to find the way out of the labyrinth alone. I remembered of Theta Healing classes and a long waiting invite received months back, so i decided to enroll with clear intention of cleaning my mind of so many persuasions and believe systems. Offcourse as a Math graduated my mind was forcing to comprehend why i would even bother to attend such classes of mambo jumbo, lost of money, brain washing teachings – when a doctor appointment would be more beneficiary to my mental and physical health. In all the crucial moments of my life i have listen to my heart, completely disregarding what my mind was up to, so in this case i acted the same.

The third day of the course had included on the list the work with the Guardian Angels. Beside me was a calm and centered man asking if i want to work together the Angels exercise. In a corner of the room, we took each-others hands and flowed in a deep state of meditation. The feeling of peace, presence and profound connection with God invaded my heart. A state of bliss, for which I am thankful to the wonderful soul of allowing me to connect with his Guardian Angels, to the Angels for their answers and I am eternal grateful to God for enlightening my path so i ca willfully connect with His presence. In that meditation moment everything became clearer. Through me the Angels have sent a message to the Soul holding my hands and i have received my answers through him in the most simple and pure way: “Don’t be afraid”.

Regardless of how shallow you feel at this moment, regardless of how your mind is running or ruining your life, regardless of how distant you feel from the spiritual world or how far you are from your Angels, remember that this is just a period in your life, nothing more. It doesn’t represent who you truly are. Sometimes, just sometimes, the truth is lighting up by a colorful Angel just as a sparkle. That sparkle is planted inside each of us, all we need to do is remove the obstacles created in our mind for it to manifest. Have courage, take that step towards yourself, dare to question your own believes – believe in Angels.

I wish for your Soul to find the infinite Peace and Love and forever to be connected with God’s presence within you.

With Love,

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