Healing our Lives of Illnesses & Diseases

Illnesses and diseases however slight or severe are an indicator of our emotional state, caused by our thoughts and regular focus. Are mostly the result created on our physical body by our mental and spiritual condition. In certain cases however, the illness might be related to other dimensions or can even be a karma limitation … these particular cases can be visible sometimes from birth.

If we are looking for healing, the first place to start would be to understand the cause of the physical symptoms, which contains emotional or mental pain, bought by any kind of spiritual error. If you are holding something, somewhere in your consciousness that is not alight with the absolute Truth it brings up pain. The hate, the indignation, the rage, the envy, the judgmental thoughts are all vibrations that affect you starting from within. The ongoing negative emotions brought up by negative thoughts will weaken your etheric body, which gets affected before the physical one. The spiritual pain can be felt long ahead the mental or physical symptoms.

The first step includes a deep inner introspection through meditation, to admit what are the programs you hold in mind and what you get out of these programs. You will discover that the mental attitude developed reveals ideas such as: “I deserve this”, “This disease cannot be healed “, “Only a doctor can heal me” etc. The believe systems can be changed by the power of intention, decision and prayer, with willingness and forgiveness towards our human nature. The Source of Power for straightening our decisions is the infinite love and faith in God.

The second step towards healing would be to forgive and love yourself. From a personal experience I can state that this is an entire exercise and cannot be done in a superficial rashly way. The path to forgiveness will release unconscious guilt, tendency to criticize and judge others, unaccomplished illusions, mistakes and misconceptions. Without spiritual guidance we tend to just be wondering around missing the light out of the negative emotions. A spiritual guide, a course or a class, an Avatar or a Preacher any of these can be a supportive pylon while we accept our faults and become willing to give up the position of a victim by starting to re-own our mental attitude. No achievement on the spiritual path can be done without forgiveness and you’ll find so many to forgive yourself for. The only requirement is the motivation to move out of the negative energy pattern and the willingness to face the naked truth about yourself.

The last step is to drop off the resistance and surrender all your worries, all the pain and suffering to the infinite mercy of God. To understand that the infinite power that has created you, also has the power to heal you. In my prayers I like to include at the end of each prayer: “Above my will, Your Will to be done”.

I find David Hawkins books inspirational and an amazing source of knowledge – please do read it.

With love,

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