I Love You

FB_IMG_1527784950436Youre sleeping beside me peaceful and light. With your hands above you’re head in the same position as when you were a new born. In a week from now you will graduate kindagarden, youre six and turned out amazing… youre wised and polite, play piano and sports, have dozen of friends, love books and technology and most of all you love me.

I remember the first time i saw you. The nurse bought you in my arms… you were so small and light i barley felt i was holding something. I remember looking into youre eyes and feeling how the time stoped and everything around us freeze… i understood in that moment that this life will be about you and you only.

Reaching home that day in the bedroom i arranged you in the middle of the bed, so small like a drop in an ocean. Something was not feelight right. I decided to take you in my arms and didint put you down all night. Youre heart beets bought me an infinite peace. All my fears and doubts have vanished as you were with me.

While watching you sleep in my arms i started singing an old Romanian Christmas Song and a tear ran from my eyes. I then understood…  The moments with you is how God feels like.

With love,


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