Removing the Obstacles – Conflicts

Conflict - fight, battle, struggle, clash / disagreement - psychiatry -¬† a mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses. - Wikipedia Every day we are being challenged with internal or external type of conflicts, which often might be unconscious, in the sense that we cannot clearly identify the source of our distress. The result … Continue reading Removing the Obstacles – Conflicts

Letting Go – 3 Steps for a Better Today

Letting Go of Expectations All that we condemn in others are only expressions of the human nature. Any disappointment comes as a result of our expectation towards others, if there is no expectation, there is no disappointment. However, everything that we are building up to ourselves by letting go to any thoughts that condemn others, … Continue reading Letting Go – 3 Steps for a Better Today

Transform Failure into Healing Power

The wisest people on the planet are sharing the same teachings towards failure¬† - to take as much from our losses as we take from our victories. Took me so long to understand and to accept that my losses are small, insignificant parts of a much greater Self and exist to teach me a lesson, … Continue reading Transform Failure into Healing Power

The Path to Healthy Relationships

Have you ever asked how the relationships you're into influence your personal life? How the relationship you have with your family, with your spouse and parents, the professional ones or your friendships and social connections impact your physical and mental health? A study has been performed by an American University over the impact social connection … Continue reading The Path to Healthy Relationships