Healing our Lives of Illnesses & Diseases

Illnesses and diseases however slight or severe are an indicator of our emotional state, caused by our thoughts and regular focus. Are mostly the result created on our physical body by our mental and spiritual condition. In certain cases however, the illness might be related to other dimensions or can even be a karma limitation … Continue reading Healing our Lives of Illnesses & Diseases

Removing the Obstacles – Fear

I grow up at a farm, raised by my grandparents somewhere in Transylvania's mountains. I was surrounded by animals my entire childhood. Aside from the values added as companions, since i was a child i also understood the effect animals have on humans emotions. They were my best friends for many years. One of my … Continue reading Removing the Obstacles – Fear

Believe in Angels…

Last summer, after a critical period when i have hopelessly destroyed my well being out of so much stress, expectations, unaccepted experiences and events and continuous negative assumptions, I was nothing more than a shadow, wandering around without a purpose, direction or path. One afternoon, i reached out in front of my home from work, … Continue reading Believe in Angels…

Removing the Obstacles – Conflicts

Conflict - fight, battle, struggle, clash / disagreement - psychiatry -¬† a mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses. - Wikipedia Every day we are being challenged with internal or external type of conflicts, which often might be unconscious, in the sense that we cannot clearly identify the source of our distress. The result … Continue reading Removing the Obstacles – Conflicts

What Is Meditation?

I have received lately many questions on what meditation really is? How do I meditate and why? For what do i use it and when.... etc. To clarify from the very beginning - i do not follow any religion path while meditating and praying - as God for me is not closed in one single … Continue reading What Is Meditation?

Letting Go – 3 Steps for a Better Today

Letting Go of Expectations All that we condemn in others are only expressions of the human nature. Any disappointment comes as a result of our expectation towards others, if there is no expectation, there is no disappointment. However, everything that we are building up to ourselves by letting go to any thoughts that condemn others, … Continue reading Letting Go – 3 Steps for a Better Today

Transform Failure into Healing Power

The wisest people on the planet are sharing the same teachings towards failure¬† - to take as much from our losses as we take from our victories. Took me so long to understand and to accept that my losses are small, insignificant parts of a much greater Self and exist to teach me a lesson, … Continue reading Transform Failure into Healing Power

What thoughts is your mind cultivating?

Have you ever asked yourself what the thoughts really are? Where are their coming from? Have you ever tried to observe your thoughts to follow your mind and discover where is it taking you? What are you thinking of during a day? And what about next day or a full week? Do you feel fulfilled, … Continue reading What thoughts is your mind cultivating?

Chakras – The Powerhouse of the Energy Centers

Understanding our life's energy centers is the first step to a balance and healthy physical and spiritual life. The Chakras are wheels of spinning energy with a circular shape form which exist throughout our energetic / etheric body. There are 7 main Chakras and 21 minor Chakras grouped under different types. The main Chakras are … Continue reading Chakras – The Powerhouse of the Energy Centers